Id Software
1/5/2012 1:30 AM
So I just completed RAGE and while I didn’t suffer the huge bugs that plagued the game at launch, I actually found the game enjoyable. If I had to quantify my enjoyment I’d say, “It was good aesthetically, very pretty and animations were amazing. “ The story was weak. How long was this in production? They had more than enough time to come up with something better. I was fortunate to have recently upgraded my pc to able to play the game at max settings with no stuttering frame rates. It makes me wonder how the game would’ve faired if I played at launch.
The worst bug and the only I can think of happened early in the gameplay. When riding the first vehicle, an ATV, and turning while reversing, the vehicle got caught on a piece of debris. Before I could try to dislodge my vehicle my character was thrown clear across the world, over everything, then falling underneath all of the geometry. Sadly I couldn’t recreate the bug at the same location.
After recently playing Skyrim and face palming at the animations, I fell in love with the way mutants would flounder after being hit in specific regions. Facial animations had character and attention for every character, to the level of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted.
Keyboard presets, my hand started to cramp when I did a few of the races because of the keys selected for item switching and boost were a little out of reach. I read a few comments from Carmack that he was disappointed with the launch because there was too much focus on ensuring this game’s success on both platforms. I almost didn’t think that I could reassign the keys since I usually trust the developers to have more thought into key placement.
The minigames were okay, they were supposed to be an alternate source of money but I never ran short of money. The card game had the most promise but that’s actually the minigame I played the most at two times. The only reason to play the minigames really are for achievements and I’m not the biggest achievement whore but I know I wouldn’t spend hours for these achievements since two are essentially luck dependent.
Some audio was reused from Doom 3, what the hell?
While the game was fun and aesthetically awesome, the story sucked and the length way too short to warrant sixty dollars.


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