Lords of Shadow has puzzles

Don’t know why exactly but I started playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow again. I had a lot of trouble remembering all of the area specific moves since there actually a lot of different abilities.

I left off about halfway through the game and actually the game has a small number of puzzles. The game also recognizes that it is foremost an action game and always gives the player the option to skip it. Doing so and the player misses out of points to buy new abilities but farming for points is easy enough. Some of the puzzles I’ve gone through since starting this playthrough has given me a few ideas for my own puzzles.

I’ve been thinking about designing puzzles that span multiple areas and I’m seeing those in Lords of Shadow. Part of the reason why I stopped playing in the first place was because I found the fighting too complicated for my tastes but with this new interest in the puzzles ill definitely have to finish it now.


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