Lords of shadow maze puzzle

One of the more intriguing puzzles from the game was a puzzle in a maze level about two thirds of the way into the game. It’s funny that s maze is a form of a puzzle sushi yo dawg I heard you like puzzles in your puzzles.

The puzzle is set up with three rotating rings and on each ring is a statue that rotates on the ring. Clicking on one of the three statues causes the rings to rotate and then the statues rotate in place. Each statue activates either two or three of the rings and adjoined statues. The goal of the puzzle was to position each statue in a specific quadrant ans have the statues face inward.

The thing about this puzzle is how simple and complex it was for me. To be honest I was tired and was randomly clicking on the statues hoping for a solution but at a certain point I started seeing a pattern. Working backwards from what I knew was the goal I started matching up the pieces. It really was deceptively simple but I made it more complicated by randomly clicking things.

Recognizing patterns is primary skill for gaming. Whether it’s for a puzzle or when fighting against a monster, knowing where things are going is key!


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