Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

PC (Steam) Mouse and Keyboard

217 Hours so far as Zero the Assassin

This was a game I was not expecting to enjoy so much. At first during E3 and previews didn’t attract me, I don’t remember Borderlands 1 occupying much of my game time but I realized that it was the second most played game in my Steam library, after Zen of Sudoku. So now I shouldn’t be so surprised that Borderlands 2 has pretty much taken up way more time than it should have and I’ll try to narrow down why.

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At the start I had a friend that played all the way through the first playthrough and most of True Vault Hunter Mode (TVHM). Even though this is a co-op game we were competing to see who could level faster, get better loot and do better damage. The latter two were him. If I didn’t have him to play with I still would’ve enjoyed the game but the enjoyment was magnified by so much because I had a partner. Every lunch break and weekend we would do our best to try and play together. Then Halo 4 came out and we went over to play that. =[

I pressed on through the rest of TVHM and I found the difficulty to be very balanced and enjoyable. Nothing really to say if it were too easy but if it were too hard I would’ve given up, as a different friend did. The fact that it was hard but not too hard made the game fun for me. I continued trying to keep the game like this even after beating the game when looking for legendary loots to improve my character. I intentionally avoided the known “broken” items that made the game way too easy.  Yet I was not having any luck with drops and I was getting bored of doing Badass challenges for ranks.

In Borderlands 2 there’s a system that allows the player to gain infinite levels via Badass challenges. They’re simple achievement like tasks which reward the player with levels that earn tokens to spend on various stats that affect all characters under the account. At this point I’d estimate I had about 60-70% of the challenges complete on Zero but the rest of the challenges were mostly “kill enemies with X” so I thought I’d just do the rest of them naturally as more DLC was released.

Then my brother told me he went ahead and bought Borderlands 2 which made me happy but I was ready to take a break from the game and I think at this point I had about 90 hours. Everything that I did with my first when the game was first released, I repeated with my brother. This time we did beat TVHM together and proceeded to start farming the raid bosses for loot, well not immediately. At first they were incredibly hard with just the two of us but we refined out techniques and slowly upgraded our loot from other sources.

There’s something addicting about collecting loot in games like this. Blizzard knows this and Gearbox has created so much crap to get and sort through that has added so many potential hours to the game. It’s like the players have hope to find the perfect set of items to overcome everything in the game with ease. I won’t deny that I have way more loot than a single character can carry much less three characters. I don’t expect to find a set that will work for everything but I keep looking and playing.


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