Update on game and tutorials

I’ve been slacking off. No update to the game just been working on the tutorials and the game design document for the game. The doc is almost done, just needed to add some detail to each section but now all that’s left is to refine things and possibly add some sketches.

I’m being really fickle about whether I should continue with the rest of the tutorial videos because every now and then the current series references “You should know this because we covered in…” I still have been able to keep up but I really just want to get down to business.

Also I decided that I’ll be restarting the project folder for my game because I didn’t keep the file structure clean. Just about every tutorial i’ve referenced has some random files and it would be easier to start over than figure out which files are not needed.


About pablopdlc

Gamer, Designer, Artist and hungry.
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