PC (Steam) Mouse and Keyboard

4.7 Hours – Played through singleplayer as the Pointman on “medium” difficulty.

A game’s cover system is bad when a player is able to ignore it and enjoy the game much more from that point on. Saying that, the game wasn’t very enjoyable after the fact. During the first level the obligatory tutorial informed me on how to use the cover system but I found myself quickly annoyed. It was clunky and unresponsive causing me to become more confused as to whether I was in cover or not while under fire. Realizing that I could use the crouch button to hide behind cover LIKE ALMOST EVERY OTHER FPS MADE…including the previous two F.E.A.R.s…increased the pace and flow of the battles.

Three of the weapons stood out to me as having some level of disappointment attached to them when I used them in game. The Penetrator, fires bolts that will attach an enemy to the wall, the shotgun, probably the most useless shotgun ever, and the riot shield, used to serve some cheese. Now the Penetrator has been in the F.E.A.R. series since the first game and was one of my favorites to use in the previous two titles. The disappointment comes from the fact that the weapon was introduced for use past the half-way mark of the game, I think mission five or six out of eight. It was still a strong weapon and did use it whenever I could but I can’t think of any reason why it was held for the second half of the game. Keep in mind that the weapon was only dropped from an enemy that appeared during the second half.

From my experience with all of the FPS games i’ve ever played, the shotgun would be a favorite for situational close up combat. So why did I avoid it after the first few attempts at using it? I found the accuracy and power to be worthless, shooting an enemy point blank only for the enemy to have to take another two pumps before it would show any sign of damage. This was at point blank but at a longer range I could see the pellets vs spread was huge, Possibly narrowing the spread or increasing the amount of pellets but decreasing the damage would have helped. 

There was only one encounter that I want to mention about the riot shield. Standing in a corner having two “mid-boss” type enemies pounding on me only to be taking minimal damage quickly being recovered by the health regen system as I pounded my melee button…yeah that was a run on sentence. Overpowered.

I didn’t bother with the co-op or other multiplayer modes. There were so many forgettable elements in the game that as a fan of the series left me overall disappointed.


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