Dungeon Clicker

RPG Stat Manager
Unity3D, Javascript
3 Months off and on

First complete game made from scratch. Inspiration taken from Android game “Dungeon18”. After half a year of doing various tutorials I finally got fed up with modifying tutorials and barely started games. It hit me after realizing that I had been playing Dungeon18 so much that I could make a similar game. So I set off and began but now as I try to think about it, it feels like it has been so long ago that I can’t even remember the first things I did.

The GUI system was what I become most familiar with in the end. Having to tweak and tweak things, scrap then tweak and tweak and finally scrap it all again. The amount of frustration I felt when I realized I would have to do it one last time almost made me give up on the project. It was my own fault for not researching a scaleable UI for different mobile devices. The game didn’t even start as a mobile but I figured out how easy it was to export the game to several devices that I started to focus on getting it work on my phone. In the end it was worth it because I gained such a good understanding on Unity’s OnGUI function and now the game scales very well on the few devices I’ve tested.

The game isn’t done per se because I still need to polish the graphics and I need to get people to playtest it but I’m ready to move on and try new things. Once I had a basic “combat system” and the GUI working the next thing was fine tuning the game so that it wouldn’t be too hard or impossible to lose. The equations I set up were too easy too break one way or the other and I was trying to be delicate! In the end I would try the most drastic changes I could think of and somehow they seem to be working. Again I still need to playtest the game so there might be something I need to change.

So what’s next? Continue to polish the game and put on the market is one thought. Releasing something I’ve made to the public feels very similar to putting yourself out there to be judged. That sounds ridiculous considering that that’s exactly what is going to be required of me .



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