New Game+

So I’m going to be moving on past Dungeon Clicker, I may return to fix things or improve but I may in fact restart it. 

The plan is that I’ll be designing a new game with a friend but our schedules haven’t meshed so that we could meet up and layout a plan of attack. I’m researching infinite runners because that’s what we had decided on before but things could still change. This blank slate is so promising but scary. I almost want to go back to my failed attempt at a 2D Platformer RPG because I think I can now move past the wall I hit. But I will decide on one game and do it. 

One thing that I want to mention is that I will put much more of an effort in tracking my progress. I want to have more to present when I “finish” this game so that people get a better idea of what I learned. 


About pablopdlc

Gamer, Designer, Artist and hungry.
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