Basic 2D platforming progress

Spent most of the day working on these tutorials……

All of the scripting is taken from the tutorial but I understand all of it and will redo it soon in my own style when I apply the RPG scripting.

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Basic RPG Battle System Experiment in Unity

Learned how to create GUI buttons and labels in Unity and thought it was a good time to try something on my own. So based off of what I learned from the 3D Platformer Tutorial on the Unity3D site I created this.

I plan on transferring these ideas and systems to a 2D platformer.

There’s already a few bugs that I need to figure out, it’s going to be interesting to be on this end of the “bugs”.

Following tasks:
Game Over screen
Other combat mechanics(Defend, Run away…)
Multiple monsters with varying stats

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Celestial Mechanica

Celestial Mechanica
PC (Flash) JoyToKey Xbox 360 Controller
2D Metroidvania platformer.
1 Hour 6minutes, according to final stats…with 169 deaths.
Enjoyable, some frustrating bits dealing with enemies and traps. The puzzles deals mostly with switches that change parts of the environment.

The biggest puzzle could’ve been broken up or focused. It dealt with changing the water level, which your character cannot swim in, and opening/closing doors. All of the elements blocking the exit were so spread apart that it made a relatively simple puzzle much more complex and time consuming that it should’ve.

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Let’s Play of sorts.

I recorded most of my playthrough of Mark of the Ninja and thinking about uploading it to Youtube. I don’t know if I should bother considering how I don’t have time to edit the footage and it’ll all be raw.

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PC (Steam) Xbox 360 Controller

2D Platformer based off of old school Prince of Persia and Another World.

Just ok, nothing really special. Some of the sequences are really vague made things really frustrating causing repeated deaths until I figured out the “trick”.

I wouldn’t recommend this unless if you LOVE zombies and or Prince of Persia style 2D games.

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Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

PC (Steam) Mouse and Keyboard

217 Hours so far as Zero the Assassin

This was a game I was not expecting to enjoy so much. At first during E3 and previews didn’t attract me, I don’t remember Borderlands 1 occupying much of my game time but I realized that it was the second most played game in my Steam library, after Zen of Sudoku. So now I shouldn’t be so surprised that Borderlands 2 has pretty much taken up way more time than it should have and I’ll try to narrow down why.

Joe, brother, friends, story, comedy, loot, badass rank,

At the start I had a friend that played all the way through the first playthrough and most of True Vault Hunter Mode (TVHM). Even though this is a co-op game we were competing to see who could level faster, get better loot and do better damage. The latter two were him. If I didn’t have him to play with I still would’ve enjoyed the game but the enjoyment was magnified by so much because I had a partner. Every lunch break and weekend we would do our best to try and play together. Then Halo 4 came out and we went over to play that. =[

I pressed on through the rest of TVHM and I found the difficulty to be very balanced and enjoyable. Nothing really to say if it were too easy but if it were too hard I would’ve given up, as a different friend did. The fact that it was hard but not too hard made the game fun for me. I continued trying to keep the game like this even after beating the game when looking for legendary loots to improve my character. I intentionally avoided the known “broken” items that made the game way too easy.  Yet I was not having any luck with drops and I was getting bored of doing Badass challenges for ranks.

In Borderlands 2 there’s a system that allows the player to gain infinite levels via Badass challenges. They’re simple achievement like tasks which reward the player with levels that earn tokens to spend on various stats that affect all characters under the account. At this point I’d estimate I had about 60-70% of the challenges complete on Zero but the rest of the challenges were mostly “kill enemies with X” so I thought I’d just do the rest of them naturally as more DLC was released.

Then my brother told me he went ahead and bought Borderlands 2 which made me happy but I was ready to take a break from the game and I think at this point I had about 90 hours. Everything that I did with my first when the game was first released, I repeated with my brother. This time we did beat TVHM together and proceeded to start farming the raid bosses for loot, well not immediately. At first they were incredibly hard with just the two of us but we refined out techniques and slowly upgraded our loot from other sources.

There’s something addicting about collecting loot in games like this. Blizzard knows this and Gearbox has created so much crap to get and sort through that has added so many potential hours to the game. It’s like the players have hope to find the perfect set of items to overcome everything in the game with ease. I won’t deny that I have way more loot than a single character can carry much less three characters. I don’t expect to find a set that will work for everything but I keep looking and playing.

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Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja.
PC (Steam) with Xbox 360 Controller.
Enjoyable stealth based 2D platformer with expected ending.
If the controls weren’t as refined and as responsive as they were the puzzles would’ve been such a pain in the ass. The mechanics created some interesting scenarios where there was plenty of variability in the process that almost made me want to replay through the game. “almost” because I’m still not sure why I keep playing stealth games when I’m not the biggest fan.

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Lords of shadow maze puzzle

One of the more intriguing puzzles from the game was a puzzle in a maze level about two thirds of the way into the game. It’s funny that s maze is a form of a puzzle sushi yo dawg I heard you like puzzles in your puzzles.

The puzzle is set up with three rotating rings and on each ring is a statue that rotates on the ring. Clicking on one of the three statues causes the rings to rotate and then the statues rotate in place. Each statue activates either two or three of the rings and adjoined statues. The goal of the puzzle was to position each statue in a specific quadrant ans have the statues face inward.

The thing about this puzzle is how simple and complex it was for me. To be honest I was tired and was randomly clicking on the statues hoping for a solution but at a certain point I started seeing a pattern. Working backwards from what I knew was the goal I started matching up the pieces. It really was deceptively simple but I made it more complicated by randomly clicking things.

Recognizing patterns is primary skill for gaming. Whether it’s for a puzzle or when fighting against a monster, knowing where things are going is key!

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Lords of Shadow has puzzles

Don’t know why exactly but I started playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow again. I had a lot of trouble remembering all of the area specific moves since there actually a lot of different abilities.

I left off about halfway through the game and actually the game has a small number of puzzles. The game also recognizes that it is foremost an action game and always gives the player the option to skip it. Doing so and the player misses out of points to buy new abilities but farming for points is easy enough. Some of the puzzles I’ve gone through since starting this playthrough has given me a few ideas for my own puzzles.

I’ve been thinking about designing puzzles that span multiple areas and I’m seeing those in Lords of Shadow. Part of the reason why I stopped playing in the first place was because I found the fighting too complicated for my tastes but with this new interest in the puzzles ill definitely have to finish it now.

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In reply to my last post, I just remembered about Rastan for the Sega Master System. What was wrong with me when I was a kid? This is a reminder for myself.

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