Quick Update about Updates

Honestly I’ve been slacking, since completing Dungeon Clicker but here’s a quick update until I get around to writing up a more complete blog entry.

Oh I finished it and it’s up on the Google Play Store


I’ve been checking a bunch of tutorials, looking through old projects and trying to decide on what to work on next.

Most of the time spent has been reading on The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell. There’s also the Environmental Justice themed boardgame which is quickly becoming very complicated. Mainly because the theme is something I’m actively learning about but very unfamiliar with. The most recent thing is taking another stab at this bike light app for night riding.

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Already going back

I decided that I shouldn’t leave DungeonClicker half finished.

I was making progress on a new game but something happened and I lost all motivation to continue working on the new game. The idea is still there but I was getting overwhelmed by things in my personal life and other excuses.

But here I am admitting that I shouldn’t and can’t move on without really making DungeonClicker presentable so I’m going to be working redoing almost everything and adding a few things. Noteably I plan on adding data persistence for highscores and unlockables, more art, and redesigning alot of the current art…hopefully ad support too.

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New Game+

So I’m going to be moving on past Dungeon Clicker, I may return to fix things or improve but I may in fact restart it. 

The plan is that I’ll be designing a new game with a friend but our schedules haven’t meshed so that we could meet up and layout a plan of attack. I’m researching infinite runners because that’s what we had decided on before but things could still change. This blank slate is so promising but scary. I almost want to go back to my failed attempt at a 2D Platformer RPG because I think I can now move past the wall I hit. But I will decide on one game and do it. 

One thing that I want to mention is that I will put much more of an effort in tracking my progress. I want to have more to present when I “finish” this game so that people get a better idea of what I learned. 

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Dungeon Clicker

RPG Stat Manager
Unity3D, Javascript
3 Months off and on

First complete game made from scratch. Inspiration taken from Android game “Dungeon18”. After half a year of doing various tutorials I finally got fed up with modifying tutorials and barely started games. It hit me after realizing that I had been playing Dungeon18 so much that I could make a similar game. So I set off and began but now as I try to think about it, it feels like it has been so long ago that I can’t even remember the first things I did.

The GUI system was what I become most familiar with in the end. Having to tweak and tweak things, scrap then tweak and tweak and finally scrap it all again. The amount of frustration I felt when I realized I would have to do it one last time almost made me give up on the project. It was my own fault for not researching a scaleable UI for different mobile devices. The game didn’t even start as a mobile but I figured out how easy it was to export the game to several devices that I started to focus on getting it work on my phone. In the end it was worth it because I gained such a good understanding on Unity’s OnGUI function and now the game scales very well on the few devices I’ve tested.

The game isn’t done per se because I still need to polish the graphics and I need to get people to playtest it but I’m ready to move on and try new things. Once I had a basic “combat system” and the GUI working the next thing was fine tuning the game so that it wouldn’t be too hard or impossible to lose. The equations I set up were too easy too break one way or the other and I was trying to be delicate! In the end I would try the most drastic changes I could think of and somehow they seem to be working. Again I still need to playtest the game so there might be something I need to change.

So what’s next? Continue to polish the game and put on the market is one thought. Releasing something I’ve made to the public feels very similar to putting yourself out there to be judged. That sounds ridiculous considering that that’s exactly what is going to be required of me .


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Dungeon Clicker Update

Not going to post an actual build until it’s done-ish but I just wanted to say that I’ve gotten the hang of using arrays, at least one dimensional arrays. I’m still needing help with combining arrays and loops to access and set the info within them. 

I know I need to master that part of arrays and loops because I know that’s the key to simplifying my scripts. They’re getting so large and complex, so many repeated lines of code with only a letter or number changed. I just want the game to run and work so for now I’m glad.

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Dungeon Clicker v.02

Click the title of this post.

I have no many started and half finished projects through Unity3D but this one feels like I can really finish. I’m honestly trying to emulate a game I frequently play on my phone “Dungeon18” and so far have made pretty good progress. I really hope to keep this motivation through the night but I’m going to stop for now. 

This is just a preview, there’s plenty of things I need to fix and add before I’ll start asking for comments and suggestions. I’m just really happy with this and wanted to share.

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PC (Steam) Mouse and Keyboard

4.7 Hours – Played through singleplayer as the Pointman on “medium” difficulty.

A game’s cover system is bad when a player is able to ignore it and enjoy the game much more from that point on. Saying that, the game wasn’t very enjoyable after the fact. During the first level the obligatory tutorial informed me on how to use the cover system but I found myself quickly annoyed. It was clunky and unresponsive causing me to become more confused as to whether I was in cover or not while under fire. Realizing that I could use the crouch button to hide behind cover LIKE ALMOST EVERY OTHER FPS MADE…including the previous two F.E.A.R.s…increased the pace and flow of the battles.

Three of the weapons stood out to me as having some level of disappointment attached to them when I used them in game. The Penetrator, fires bolts that will attach an enemy to the wall, the shotgun, probably the most useless shotgun ever, and the riot shield, used to serve some cheese. Now the Penetrator has been in the F.E.A.R. series since the first game and was one of my favorites to use in the previous two titles. The disappointment comes from the fact that the weapon was introduced for use past the half-way mark of the game, I think mission five or six out of eight. It was still a strong weapon and did use it whenever I could but I can’t think of any reason why it was held for the second half of the game. Keep in mind that the weapon was only dropped from an enemy that appeared during the second half.

From my experience with all of the FPS games i’ve ever played, the shotgun would be a favorite for situational close up combat. So why did I avoid it after the first few attempts at using it? I found the accuracy and power to be worthless, shooting an enemy point blank only for the enemy to have to take another two pumps before it would show any sign of damage. This was at point blank but at a longer range I could see the pellets vs spread was huge, Possibly narrowing the spread or increasing the amount of pellets but decreasing the damage would have helped. 

There was only one encounter that I want to mention about the riot shield. Standing in a corner having two “mid-boss” type enemies pounding on me only to be taking minimal damage quickly being recovered by the health regen system as I pounded my melee button…yeah that was a run on sentence. Overpowered.

I didn’t bother with the co-op or other multiplayer modes. There were so many forgettable elements in the game that as a fan of the series left me overall disappointed.

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Update on game and tutorials

I’ve been slacking off. No update to the game just been working on the tutorials and the game design document for the game. The doc is almost done, just needed to add some detail to each section but now all that’s left is to refine things and possibly add some sketches.

I’m being really fickle about whether I should continue with the rest of the tutorial videos because every now and then the current series references “You should know this because we covered in…” I still have been able to keep up but I really just want to get down to business.

Also I decided that I’ll be restarting the project folder for my game because I didn’t keep the file structure clean. Just about every tutorial i’ve referenced has some random files and it would be easier to start over than figure out which files are not needed.

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2D Platformer – Camera, Trigger and custom Tags

This update shows that the camera now follows the player sphere around.
Created and imported a custom model from Maya and used it as a trigger to destroy any game objects with the tag “enemies”.

I spent a good portion of my time working on troubleshooting an error that was preventing the deletion of the “enemies” gameobjects. After figuring out and fixing what I broke, I really got a little frustrated at myself for not realizing what I had done AND the fact that in my mind the logic should’ve worked either way.

I have a lot to learn…

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Today’s Goal a DD

I should take a step and work on making something to help me figure out what I want to make. Saying 2D Platformer with RPG elements isn’t really enough because I will probably end up getting lost or losing direction.  

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